About Us


The Swift Group is a privately held, mission-driven and employee-focused services and solutions company headquartered in Reston, Virginia.  Founded in 2019, Swift supports Civilian, Defense, and Intelligence Community customers, across the country and around the globe.

Why a Swift?

A Swift embodies many of the attributes that we wanted our company to emulate.

Endurance: Swifts stay in the air for up to 10 months without stopping - yes, 10 months. They can also travel more than 124,000 miles per year. 

Speed:  Swifts are one of the fastest species of birds on the planet, often attaining speeds of 70 to 115 miles per hour. 

Agility: Swifts’ primary food source is flying insects, meaning that they must make quick turns and inflight adjustments with little to no notice.

High Flying: Swifts can fly up to 10,000 feet in the air.