our expertise
Cyber Enablement

In today’s digital world we are more connected than ever before, which has greatly improved communication, and cyber impacts our everyday life.

Vulnerability Research & Penetration Testing

We do extensive research into the underlying file systems, chipset Architecture, security protocols for mobile platforms, X’Nix, and X86 architectures.

CNO & Custom Scenarios

Our team performs CNO through exploitation of target networks and systems to perform denial-of-service (DOS), remote monitoring, and data exfiltration.

Cyber Innovation Cell

The Cyber Innovation Cell combines highly specialized operational SME expertise with deep cyber warfare domain knowledge to develop tools, products, and courses to address the customers more prominent technical and operational challenges.

Reverse Engineering

We analyzed techniques from attacks such as Amnesia 33, dark nexus botnet, Kobalos, and Solar Winds using industry tools such as Wireshark, Ghidra, GDB, isolated virtual machines, and droidbox; resulting in the development of new tradecraft and techniques.

Swift has currently invested heavily in cyber protection for our clients while outthinking the future threats and risks. We consistently innovate our approach and deploy newer technologies to mitigate threats and risks. As part of Offensive and Defensive Cyber we deconstruct systems, find bugs, and exploit them through Vulnerability Research, Security Research, and Reverse Engineering. We integrate cybersecurity in everything from network protection, infrastructure security, application security, and data security to securing log files.

We perform vulnerability assessments to security governance, Risk Management, and compliance from threat-modeling to continuous assessment and monitoring. We secure our client’s systems today to be safe every day.

Our cybersecurity experts are experienced and certified in performing the following actions.

  • Operating System, Network and Hardware Vulnerability Research
  • Software / Malware Vulnerability Research and Reverse Engineering
  • Exploit design and implementation
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services
  • Network security design and architecture
  • Cyber detection and response capabilities
  • Full Packet Capture and endpoint protection
  • Break and inspect encrypted network traffic
  • Security event collection, storage, and analysis
  • Container security – serverless application security
  • Application security and data security