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Training & Mission Support

The Swift Group provides custom and tailor-made training solutions to replicate the UTS threat posed by Great Power Competition countries. These solutions include a holistic red-cell approach which includes physical, cyber, open-source, and additional collection methods.

Custom Tools

We designed a Serpent UTS training tool to mimic host nation telecommunications capabilities to provide digital signature and potential threat vectors to personnel training for sensitive activities.

Red Cell

We provide physical surveillance, cover challenges, border crossing, digital device forensics, network penetration testing, Tag/Track/Locate, and seeded devices to provide sensitive activities personnel with a complete analysis of their operational signature.

Training Courses

Our training team customizes our catalogue of training courses for each customer. We offer Open-Source Operations Courses, Operational Penetration Testing Courses, and Cyber Threat Defense Courses.

Our intelligence support includes continuous collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination of information for informed decision making. We support mission readiness with state-of-the-art custom learning tools and training for creating a skilled workforce and increasing productivity. Our capabilities include business process analysis, change management, operational and acquisition support, and policy analysis for national security programs. We work with National Security agencies in their strategic goal to implement collection and analytical transformations to meet in-depth and time-sensitive requirements against all threats, while forecasting and enabling rapid response to emerging events. Our training team has customized solutions that offer:

  • Open-Source Operations Course: low-vis and automated Wi-Fi collection.
  • Operational Penetration Testing Course: digital network characterization and exploitation.
  • Cyber Threat Defense Course: mitigate and understand digital device vulnerabilities for sensitive activities.