our expertise
Engineering & IT

Swift has expertise in designing and operating various types of IT infrastructure and leverages ITIL aligned service models and management practices to deliver operational excellence.


Through IT Modernization we accelerate the migration of infrastructure and systems to the cloud and unlock the power of advanced analytics.

Enterprise Infrastructure Support

We provide system integrators, system engineers and software developers to assist our customers with establishing automated server generation routines, optimize system performance, establish system monitoring, and maintain established operating systems and system security protocols.

Cloud Engineering

Our team migrates data, applications, and systems from physical infrastructure (or virtual infrastructure) to the Cloud. We analyze user requirements, procedures, and problems to advise on the automation or improvement of existing cloud environments.

We manage and modernize cost-effective IT environments through analytics, automation, and continuous improvement. We offer on-site management of large-scale network services, server setups and configurations, database management services, backup, storage and business continuity services. Our industry standard processes and infrastructure security experts make managed services reliable and secure. We deliver efficient and cost-effective intelligent self-service and service desk solutions both on site and from secure offsite facilities. Through IT Modernization we accelerate migration of infrastructure and systems to the cloud and unlock the power of advanced analytics to meet customer’s mission requirements and ensure operational excellence.