our expertise
Software Development

Our full-stack software engineers bring true DevSecOps culture and practice to build flexible, secure, and scalable software systems with proven software tools and techniques.


Experts in “shift-left” approach ensure every item in the tech stack is patched, configured securely, and documented.

Agile Development

Our agile development factory leverages unclassified and classified development to meet quick reaction needs or long term requirements in the most agile manner that rapidly incorporates user feedback and bakes security into the beginning of the process.


This includes automation first approach to deployments, automated testing, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC). By automating pipelines and shortening our feedback loop, we drastically reduce development times and quickly discover any integration issues with the codebase.

Our approach bakes in security at every phase of the Software development life cycle making the application and infrastructure security a shared responsibility of development, security, and the IT operations team. This results in rapid, cost-effective software delivery, improved and proactive security, and accelerated security vulnerability patching for customers.

As part of our “shift-left” approach, Swift brings in cybersecurity architects, engineers, and appropriate tools as part of our development approach that ensures every configuration item in our technology stack is patched, configured securely, and documented. We constantly educate our developers in basic principles of application security, thread models, compliance checks, how to measure risks, exposure, and implement appropriate security controls.

We use industry best practices, tools, services to enable secure continuous delivery, integrated security testing, and cloud-native delivery pipelines. We help customers automate secure software deployment, gain control over complex release cycles, and provide quality products.

Our engineers are experienced and certified in Jenkins, Maven, Docker, SonarQube, WhiteSource, Gauntlt, Chef, Jira, AWS, and Azure DevSecOps tools.