Vision, Mission, & Values


To solve our nation’s most complex technological and mission support challenges.


We are a mission driven, employee focused company. We believe that by taking care of our employees and our customers, the rest will take care of itself. We believe in having fun and investing in our communities and employees. We believe in shaping the future through innovating and developing solutions to address tough problems.


Communication is at the core of what we do. We communicate honestly and openly, and our actions are upfront and visible. We hold each other accountable to ensure that transparency is woven in all our business practices.

At Swift, integrity surrounds everything we do. We foster a culture built on trust and open communication between employees and every level of management.

We invest in our people through career development and training opportunities. We care about our employees’ health and well-being by offering a generous health and benefits package.

We care about our employee and customer communities. We give back to those in need and those who have sacrificed for our freedoms.

Innovation is at the core of what we do at Swift. In an ever-changing world, we experiment, design, build, and deliver with speed and agility for our customers. We encourage and incentivize employees to create new ideas and act on executing them.

Why a Swift?

These incredible birds demonstrate many of the attributes we value and strive to embody within our company and its culture: Endurance. Speed. Agility. High Flying.

When solving our nation’s most complex challenges, we wanted to emulate the swift bird as it represents endurance, speed, agility, and reaches the greatest heights.  So, we founded The Swift Group, a mission focused, employee driven company. Investing in our customers and employees ensures that we can endure and take on new challenges. Responding to needs with speed and agility enables us to be an innovative leader within our industry. Finally, by always raising the bar to success, we can continue to thrive and fly above the competition.